Gem Inspired Beauty: Go Boulder or Go Home!


With Valentine’s Day a distant memory, we are ready for all things spring! Craving a pop of color, we have fallen madly in love with our vibrant Boulder Opal Flower Enhancer Pendant. Stunning shades of blue and green come alive in this organic floral silhouette featuring this mesmerizing stone, boulder opal.  This magnificent opal is found only in the vast arid regions of Western Queensland. Boulder opal is considered to be one of the most versatile opals because it has all of the color and patterns of expensive black or crystals opals but it is mixed with ironstone which makes it extremely durable. Boulder Opal is a solid opal that occurs as thin veins of precious opal in cracks and cavities of ironstone.


Feeling energized by these electric shades of blue and green, the next logical step was curating a collection of beauty products to complement said boulder opal flower! And what better way to transition from winter to spring than infusing your life with “boulder” opals and “bolder” color?  You know what they say…Go Boulder or Go Home!

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